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H6 Zoom Recorder

Zoom H6 (H-6) Portable Handheld Digital Field Recorder with interchangeable capsules.


£25 / day
£37.5 / weekend
£100 / week


Zoom H4 Sound Recorder

The Zoom H4 Sound Recorder has long been a favourite of audio and video aficionados everywhere. It offers four tracks of simultaneous recording and a built-in X/Y stereo microphone.


£15 / day
£22.5 / weekend
£60 / week


G3 Sennheiser Radio Mic

The G3 Sennheiser Radio Mic – fast, flexible and professional: these characteristics make the G3 is perfect fit for every ambitious reporting team seeking both portability and great sound quality.


£20 / day
£30 / weekend
£80 / week


TASCAM’s DR-10C – sound recorder

TASCAM’s DR-10C – sound recorder connect to your lavaliere microphone to create a compact recording system that fits on a belt pack


£12 / day
£18 / weekend
£48 / week


The Sennheiser Sound Package – ME66/K6

The Sennheiser Sound Package – ME66/K6 – Super-Cardioid Mic Capsule with K6 Kit is a popular choice among video, film and ENG / EFP professionals.


£12 / day
£18 / weekend
£48 / week



The boompole allows you to mount your microphone securely and swivel it in a range of directions that will allow you to easily change positions and follow your sound source.
Extends from 0.84m (33″) to 3m (10′)


£4 / day
£6 / weekend
£16 / week


Lapel Mic

The ECM-77 is probably the most often seen lapel microphone on TV and it is used widely in both studio production and on location.


£8 / day
£12 / weekend
£32 / week