Ground Insight

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Firstly, I usually work with a cameraman but a last minute change of jobs saw a change of battle plans. This prompted a desperate phone call at about 17:30 to London Video Camera Hire. They could oblige me a camera, took my details and I was bouncing out with the full kit strapped over each shoulder the morning after the night before. Dealing with London Video Camera Hire was as simple as that!

It’s been a while since I did any video journalism work. The last time was in Crimea in early 2014. My day’s shoot wasn’t about “invading” Russians, rather the Chinese stampede into East London with a 1.7 billion pound investment and revamp of the Royal Albert docks. It was an investors launch day and a fairly straightforward shoot.

While sitting around to interview ABP chairman, Xu Weiping, I secured an interview with Hot Yoga founder Bikram Choudury after showing him a picture of a younger version of himself on a key ring I picked up from one of his Centre’s in London years ago. It was a ni