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Konova Slider K3 100cm

The K3 range is Konova’s entry-level model, designed for DSLRs and other small bodied cameras. Made from durable aluminium and steel, Konova sliders are built to last and allow users to create fluid and dynamic movements with ease.
Made in Korea, Konova sliders have been manufactured using high quality aluminium, with the steel rods and bearings ensuring smooth movement and high durability.

The K3 is the most economical slider and is made for DSLRs and other small cameras such as the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera in mind.

Mounting & Levelling
The underside of the main rail features three mounting points; one in the centre and one at each end. All three positions feature both 1/4” and 3/8” threads, so mounting on a tripod or other support can be done through these industry standard connections.

Built-in to the top of the rail is a small bubble level, making the crucial levelling process far easier.

Either end of the slider, where the articulated feet attach, are further 1/4” threads, so it’s possible to mount the slider fully vertically if required.

The main carriage features a 3/8” male thread, so industry standard tripod heads, such as the Manfrotto 500AH or 502AH will attach seamlessly.

£25 / day
£37.5 / weekend
£100 / week