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Nikon 105mm F/1.8 Ai-s

The Japanese construction ensures that this lens is top-quality. Weighing just 20 ounces and measuring 3.1 inches around by 3.5 inches long, the lens will feel comfortable in your hands and be easy for you to carry and store. The lens will securely connect to your digital or film Nikon camera thanks to the built-in aperture indexing system. This Nikon equipment uses an auto-indexing system to couple the ring and light meter. The Ai-S allows you to mount this camera gear on both older and newer Nikon SLR cameras. Instead of needing to calibrate the lens after mounting, you just connect it with a simple twist. This ensures that no accidental overexposure will occur.The out-of-focus bokeh produced by these lenses has a uniquely soft appearance that contributes to the photo’s composition. When it is wide open, you can get beautifully creamy out-of-focus images. The coated surface reduces flare and eliminates distortion and vignetting. You will not have to worry about unintended filter effects ruining a nicely composed image.

£25 / day
£75 / week