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Embracing the latest in LED technology and applying Litepanels award-winning engineering, the Lykos LED panels are a compact, lightweight lighting solution that produces full spectrum lighting perfect for any cinematographer, video producer or lighting professional. The Lykos is a compact LED panel that packs a punch and lightweight enough so you can easily hand hold, mount it to a stand or rig it from its cold shoe mount or 1/4-20 posts.



£60 / day
£90 / weekend
£240 / week


Litepanels Astra 6x Bi-Colour LED

These tightly binned LEDs and fine-tuned optics provide the ASTRA 1×1 with superior color reproduction and a light output that is up to four times brighter than traditional LED panels. This higher intensity results in a longer throw and illuminates a wider area, allowing the panel to compete with strong exterior light sources or illuminate a large area effectively with just a single fixture.



£50 / day
£75 / weekend
£200 / week


Dedo Lighting Kit

  • 3 x Dedolight DBD standard barndoors
  • 3 x DT24-1E 24V dimmable in-line power supplies
  • 3 x DST stands
  • 3x Dedolight Dedoflex – (Diffuser kit for Dedolight DLH4, 2x White diffuser, Mounting ring included)

£44 / day
£66 / weekend
£176 / week


Arri 3 Head Kit

The cornerstone of any Gaffer’s kit. Supplied with a Soft Box for the 800w, this makes it an ideal 3-point lighting set up all in one case. Hire it on its own or add it to your lighting list when you know you’re going to need some fill for those wider shots.

£50 / day
£75 / weekend
£200 / week


Dedo Octodome

This is a lovely big soft light, with minimal shadowing. Great for one light set ups, ideal for interviews, music videos and portrait style work. The Octodome comes with three layers of diffusion, a boom arm mounted on a C stand for ease of movement, and a collar to stop light spill at the back. The sheer size of the dome along with the dimmer and boom make this a very user-friendly kit to light your subjects with with. It’s so big and beautiful you may even want it in shot too!

£60 / day
£90 / weekend
£240 / week


LED Micro Pro Lite Panel

Litepanels’ powerful little top light comes with its own hot shoe adaptor mount, plus we’ve added a Noga arm with a Nano Clamp at one end, so you’re free to attach the light to a fixture off camera, great for an eye light, or else clamp it to your camera set up to give you the flexibility of having the light positioned exactly where you want it, instead of just above the lens. CTO gels, diffuser and a D Tap cable are thrown in for added functionality.

£20 / day
£30 / weekend
£80 / week


Ringlight Mini Litepanels

This powerful 10.5” diameter Ring Light can be mounted to your camera through the baseplate bracket or via the 15mm/19mm bar mount provided. It gives your subject a beautiful circular catchlight in their eyes, plus a lovely soft lighting effect around them. This makes it perfect for portrait style work, walk around presenting shots and music videos. As this light packs quite a punch you can pop it on a stand off camera to create rim light or simply use it just for fill.

£54 / day
£81 / weekend
£216 / week


Kinoflo DIVA Lite 401

A portable, dimmable soft light, including tungsten and daylight tubes for complete versatility. The C stand with flag arm along with the centre ball mount of the fixture allows you the flexibility to position the light exactly where you want it in relation to your subject.

£40 / day
£60 / weekend
£160 / week


Sachtler 3 head light kit

This is a handy little kit, great for set-ups where space is tight. 3 x 300w heads with compact but sturdy stands allow you to get the lamps into places others just won’t go. This also makes them ideal for back lighting your subject or adding a bit of background fill. Favoured by reporters as they are the essential 3 point lighting set up in one compact case.

£30 / day
£45 / weekend
£120 / week


Led small top Panel

Offers the most compact, lightweight solution for on-camera lighting with daylight balanced LEDs that can light up an interview or add a little sparkle to the eye. Easily mountable on DSLR or video camera and can run up to 1.5 hours on just four AA batteries or 7 to 8 hours on E2 Lithium AA batteries.

The Micro is flicker-free at any frame rate or shutter angle, fills in shadows and has 100% to 0 dimming with no noticeable color shift.

£10 / day
£15 / weekend
£40 / week


Canon Speedlite 270EX

The 270EX is compatible with all EOS camera bodies and many Canon Powershot point and shoot cameras. The small size and low weight of this flash make it especially attractive to the latter.

£10 / day
£15 / weekend
£40 / week


Sand Bag

£5 / day
£7.5 / weekend
£20 / week