To kick-start our ĎUseful infoí section, here are a few useful tips for shooting better video. Hopefully this will be helpful for any beginners/hobbyists.

Helpful Tips for Shooting Great Video

  • Automation can be useful but if you want to be creative set your camcorder to manual & read up about the manual settings in advance of your shoot
  • Set white balance at every location. Carrying out manual white balance is always better than pre-sets
  • When shooting outdoors always consider the position of the sun and keep it behind you
  • Always plan your shoot Ė Itís more cost-effective to make your shooting decisions at home rather than make those decisions on location while the cast and crew wait for you to make up your mind
  • Keep audio in mind when carrying out a location recce
  • Use a tripod or other image stabilizing device
  • Shoot to edit and keep your average shot length between 4 and 10 seconds
  • Be as inconspicuous as possible to capture realistic behavior
  • Donít allow your subject to sink to the bottom of the video frame by positioning their eyes at the top 1/3 of the screen
  • Donít be distracted by objects in the background and always keep looking at foreground and background as you shoot
  • Only pan occasionally and donít overuse on-screen zoom
  • Always look for interesting angles rather than keeping in one spot and placing your every subject in the centre of your frame
  • Donít shoot everything from standing eye-level
  • Make sure your subject is well lit rather than too much light falling on the background