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The DJI Ronin Handheld Gimbal

The DJI Ronin Handheld Gimbal System has been developed for the cinematographer with pro-grade build quality keeping up with the demands of everyday use and aerial film making in professional environments. Just hold it in your hands and you’ll achieve smooth and stable footage with the highest levels of precision. Even when mounted to an aircraft in high-speed flight, precise control can be achieved with the highest level of stability.


Part 1. Dovetail Mounting Plate (RED, Canon)

Part 2. Dual 15mm Rod Support

Part 3. Lens Support (70mm)

Part 4. Lens Support Thumbscrew

Part 5. Ronin Battery 3400mAH x 2

Part 6. Ronin Battery Charger

Part 7. Right Arm (Standard)

Part 8. Left Arm (Standard)

Part 9. Top Handle

Part 10. Clamp Knob (6pcs)

Part 11. Vertical Bar Clamp (2pcs)

Part 12. Base Clamp

Part 13. Top Handle Bar (Carbon Fiber)

Part 14. Top Handle Bar Ends (2pcs)

Part 15. Tuning Stand

Part 16. Pan Adjustment Clamp (2pcs)

Part 17. Power Distribution Box

Part 18. Vertical Bar Ends (2pcs)

Part 19. Camera Screw 1/4″ (2pcs)

Part 20. Camera Screw 3/8″ (2pcs)

Part 21. Hook and Loop Straps (3pcs)

Part 22. Ronin Remote Control

Part 23. Ronin Case (not including Foam)

Part 24. Ronin Case Foam (Upper)

Part 25. Ronin Case Foam (Lower)

Part 26. Tuning Stand Screw

Part 27. Monitor Mounting Bracket


£70 / day
£105 / weekend
£280 / week